Ring Size Chart

 How To Find Your Perfect Fit


  • Ring sizing is very personal and also depends on how loose or tight you want the ring to feel
  • Your ring should feel comfortable; tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slip over your knuckle
  • Measure the finger you plan to wear your ring on, our dominant hand is typically slightly larger than our non dominant 
  • Measure when your body is at a normal and comfortable temperature, being too warm or too cold will affect the size of your finger and effect your result
  • Measure your finger on different days and different times of the day to compare and get an accurate read, at least 3-4 different times
  • A wider band means a tighter fit, you might be a different ring size for the same finger depending on the style of the band
  • If you don't see a size listed, reach out to us, we can typically accommodate quarter sizes and other sizing requests depending on the style